Giving the Illusion of Space in a Small Bathroom


If you have small bathrooms in your home and want to update them, then you have likely considered expanding them to make them larger. Unfortunately, this is not an option for many homeowners, but there are certain things that you can do that will make your bathroom appear much larger than it actually is. A renovation that is specifically designed and planned to improve the appearance and style of your small bathroom will help improve not only the way that the space looks, but also how it functions, which can help you fall in love with it all over again.

Brighten up the Space

Lighter colours are going to naturally make your bathroom appear a lot larger than it is, which is why it’s a good idea to work with a professional who can help you pick flooring, wall tiles, and even a bathroom vanity that is light and bright. While this doesn’t mean that you can’t ever have darker colours in your bathroom, they will instantly make the bathroom appear smaller if they take up too much space. One key of small bathroom renovations from Ultimate Kitchens & Bathrooms is to ensure that the room looks light, airy, and open.

Hide the Clutter

Visual clutter will really make your bathroom look dark and small, but some bathrooms simply don’t have the necessary space to hide clutter. If you have open shelves above your toilet, then you already know how messy and unattractive they can become. It’s a much better idea to have closed storage in your bathroom. This can easily be accomplished when you work with a professional who is able to design your bathroom storage to not only meet the needs of your family, but also to work perfectly in the space that you have in your bathroom.

Fill it with Light

If you are lucky enough to have a window in your bathroom, then you will want this to be a focal point of your space, as natural light is the best way to brighten up a small bathroom and make it look larger. However, even if you don’t have a window, you can still enjoy the benefits of increased light in your bathroom. Updated lighting fixtures that allow plenty of light to be released into your bathroom will improve the way that it looks and make it easier for you to get ready in the morning. This is why so many homeowners pair updating their lighting with using lighter colours in the bathroom, as the effect can be very impressive.

There’s no reason to live with a small bathroom that you hate. Even if you are not able to physically make your bathroom any larger, there are ways to make it seem much bigger than it is, and these can help you fall in love with your bathroom all over again and ensure that it meets the needs of your family. Working with a professional can ensure that your bathroom design is not only attractive and fits your needs, but also improves the appearance of your home.