3 Major Ways Gallery Representation Can Benefit You as An Upcoming Artist


In the past decades, artists have always been depending upon already made galleries to sell out their artworks. Recent art practice has, however, not only stretched boundaries of art itself but it has also pushed the position of the artist. Most artists are increasingly deciding to represent themselves and sell works as an individual rather than looking for representation by different art galleries. This could certainly prove to be a very enriching experience for most artists and several have succeeded from this by creating and running a successful business. But, being represented by an art gallery has proven to be a much more beneficial choice for new artists over and over again.

Here are the top 3 reasons being represented by a professional art gallery like Galerie LeRoyer might just be a much better option to take even today.

#1: You Have Access to A Loyal and Broad Gallery Clientele

The greatest benefit an artist that is being represented by an established art gallery has over the independent artist is having access to a loyal and broad clientele. As an independent artist, it could take you several years to develop your clientele and have the recognition which your work deserves, whereas an already established gallery comes with an already made collector’s list.

Gallery staff and directors will understand exactly who would fall in love with your portraits, abstracts, or landscape photography and ensure that these individuals get an opportunity to take a look at your work. This relationship is built over many years and the collectors do get incredibly loyal to their galleries and the people who run them, creating deep, long trusting friendships.

#2: More Time to Focus on Creating

As an independent artist, you should focus on artistic creation and promoting it. When represented by a gallery, they control marketing for you, giving you plenty of time to practice and to create. You do not need to stress about your sales, the exhibition or even the publicity. With the use of gallery representation, you can have all the time you need for focusing on your art.

#3: Value of Your Art

More often than not, collectors of art will think your work is far more valuable in an instance where you are being represented by an already established gallery. Just getting the name of the gallery added to your work could get you the value your works are really worth in half the total amount of time it might take you to do this otherwise. Most collectors of art are also easily attracted to works which they believe are being represented by established galleries, since it is a sign that such work is genuine and of high quality.

One important thing you will need to consider well as an emerging artist in today’s world is your every step; from the kind of art you make to the way you intend to market yourself and even combine this two sometimes. This could be really challenging if you must know. That is where galleries come in. Gallery representation is a good way to fast track your career and help give your goals the extra push they need, and of course, in no time.